Wednesday, June 17, 2015

'Boniface' in Village Headmaster Celebrates 70th Birthday

Asukwo Ukwak aka 'Boniface'
Do you remember the soap 'Village Headmaster' that used to keep us all glued to our TV in the 90s?  The septuagenerian above - Pa Asukwo Ukwak played 'Boniface' alongside other actors in the popular soap which included Gorimapa, Sisi Clara, Village Headmaster (played by Justus Esiri), Chief Eleyinmi, Councillor Balogun et al.  

Pa Asukwo Ukwak joined the septuagenerian club on Sunday 14th June 2015.  He is still very active and a vibrant member of his church choir at Presbyterian Church Abuja.  Happy Birthday 70th birthday Sir!

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