Thursday, June 04, 2015

Corporal's Wife Sleeps with Soldier's 14 and 17 Year Old Sons on Army Base

Caroline Salisbury
Caroline Salisbury lived on an Army Base in Germany with her Army corporal husband.  She was employed as a bus monitor and her job was to supervise the children from the Army Base during their bus journey as they were being taken to school.  28 year old Caroline used the opportunity (as a bus monitor) to have sexual relations (four times) with a 14 year old boy and his 17 year old brother who rode to school daily on the bus.

Sex Offender - Caroline Salisbury
Her shenanigans came to light when the boy's parents found a facebook message she sent to the 14 year old saying "I cant wait for you to f**k me again".  She has been sentenced to 3 years imprisonment and cannot have boys under 16 in her home without parental consent and made to sign the sex offenders register.

culled from daily mail


  1. Shuo!! The world is hacSHually coming to an end in fast forward mode oh! First the man turned Woman.. and now a lady getting orgasms from a 14 year old.. **Faints... then **faints again in Initial faint.. SomeboRRy please go deep this woman in Okija River.. She needs mami water kinda deliverance.. I mean 14 ke!! his kini will be how Big biko?! nawa oh!

    Ehhhmmmm on a lighter note though.. Dear Lady.. AYam 23 years 5 months and 22 days old.. ssoooo.. aYam legal.. When you are in Nigeria.. Abeg come and do me oh.. hehehe **Runs away.. :) Hiya Calabar geh.. Whats popping Bubba?!

  2. Do you? 'Undo you' you mean? LOL!!

  3. Do me jo... which one is undo?! I be typographical Error ni?!

  4. Just three years? Because she is a she!


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