Thursday, June 04, 2015

Fire Outbreak at Goil Filling Station in Accra Kills 96

Goil Station

Goil Filling Station, Nkrumah Circle
Over 96 charred bodies have been recovered from the burnt out Goil Filling Station at Nkrumah circle Accra.  The deceased persons were said to have been sheltering in the filling station from the heavy rains and flood when the fire broke out yesterday June 3.  The cause of the fire at the station which is opposite Vienna City Night Club and behind GCB Towers is till unknown.
Explosion at Goil Station

There has been a torrential downpour in Accra for the past 48 hours which has rendered a lot of roads impassable, carried away cars and brought down several fences and houses.  Workers have been stranded in their offices and several others trapped in their homes as the knee deep flood ravages the entire city.

Photo Credit: Isreal Laryea

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