Friday, June 12, 2015

Thinking of Going Into Hard Drugs Trafficking? Here are some tips....

If you are thinking of trafficking hard drugs in any form or manner,  Think again.  The pro might be that you get paid an unbelievable sum of money for a 'few hours work'.  However, in my opinion, the cons always outweigh the pros.  The major con being that you might not live to tell your story.  Very few do - like Ifeanyi Onuegbu who died on the Eurostar train when one wrap out of the 110 balls of cocaine he swallowed before embarking on his journey burst. He boarded the Eurostar train at Paris on 21 March 2014 and was dead on arrival when the train arrived London Kings Cross 2 hours 30 minutes later.

The trafficker in the video below was one of the lucky ones.  A surgery had to be carried out to remove the balls of 'hard drugs' he swallowed.  Watch the video after the cut.  Viewer discretion advised.

Viewers Discretion Advised! Video Surgery to Retrieve Hard Drugs.
Tunde Olugboroko

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