Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Lioness Drags 29 Year Old through Vehicle Window at Gauteng Lion Park

Signage at Gauteng Lion Park
A 22 year old American lady visiting the Gauteng Lion Park near Johannesburg was dragged from her SUV vehicle to her death by a lioness mid afternoon on June 1 2015. She was driving through the safari park in a white SUV vehicle with a male friend.  Visitors to the park are warned to keep their windows wound up at all times while in the drive through safari park but it looked like the pair did not heed the instructions.  The lioness pounced on them through the open window and dragged her out of the vehicle to her death.  Her friend who was in the vehicle with her went to her aid in a bid to rescue her from the paws of the lioness but was seriously injured in the process.  Apparently he tried to pull the lioness of the deceased unsuccessfully.

The SUV Vehicle with police tape around it

Police Car at Gauteng Lion Park

It's believed the 29 year old American citizen who has not yet been named had been trying to take pictures with her vehicle window open when the lioness attacked her.

The SUV Vehicle the lioness attacked

Speaking at the park after the incident, Scott Simpson the park manager said medics were called to attend to her but she passed away before the ambulance arrived.

Another Vehicle at the park with windows wound down

Signage at Gauteng Lion Park
Park Officials report they have now identified the lioness responsible for the attack and confirmed that they've put her in a separate enclosure but say there are no plans as yet to destroy the animal.  The park authorities also informed the press that they are reviewing the  park's safety measures.

Warning: Never underestimate animals!!

Culled from Daily Mail
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  1. A very pathetic story! That is why they are called animals,attacking the person that is protecting them! so sad.

  2. The thing is, if she had not wound down her window, the lioness would not have had access to maul her at all.....


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