Thursday, June 11, 2015

Nigerian Fraudster Frank Onyeachonam aka Fizzy to lose his Nigerian Home

Penniless: Frank 'Fizzy' Onyeachonam 

A high court judge sitting at the Old Bailey in London has issued a confiscation order against conman - Frank Onyeachonam.   Onyeachonam aka Fizzy (a nickname he got for his love of guzzling high end champagne) was jailed in June last year having been found guilty of operating a mail fraud con from his £2,000 a month rented flat overlooking the River Thames.  He tricked pensioners out of their live savings, making them believe they had won international lotteries requesting that they pay thousands of fees in pounds to enable him facilitate remittance of their winnings.

The court ordered that he pay his victims more than £150,000 using his remaining assets which include his home in Lagos.  He will have to sell the home and all his assets to obey the confiscation order thus effectively rendering him penniless.

At the height of the fraud the 40-year-old  had spent a fortune on cars including a Porsche Cayenne, BMW convertible and Maserati.

Items recovered from Fizzy's London flat

The spree ended for the father of two when he was arrested by the police.   Incriminating evidence in the form of mobile phones and note pads linking him to the scam were found in his flat.  He is believed to have made about £1.2m from the scam and was jailed for 8 years in June 2014.

Cash: 'Fizzy' boasted of his wealth on his Flickr account

Frank 'Fizzy' Onyeachonam

Fizzy's home: The Subject of the Confiscation Order

Culled from The Mirror

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