Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Nkechi Azinge Meets Queen Elizabeth

Nkechi meets the Queen
 The Queens Young Leaders Awards took place recently and Nkechi Azinge, the founder of Sickle Cell Aid Foundation was one of the young persons who were privileged to receive their awards in person from the queen.  Sickle Cell Aid foundation is a non profit organisation which raises awareness about sickle cell and its traits while raising funds to aid provision of healthcare for those suffering from sickle cell.

The Queens Young Leaders awards is in its first year and encourages and rewards young persons who have made an impact in their communities either by improving the lives of youths in the community or by helping the youth improve their skills.  The winners were received at Buckingham Palace by the Queen.  More pictures from the event after the cut.

Nkechi and Steve McQueen (10 Years a Slave)

Nkechi and David Beckham
The award winners receive their awards from the queen, attend on a one week 'Leading Change' course at the University of Cambridge and receive a training and mentoring package with several networking opportunities.

The Queen Young Leaders Award is a programme which discovers, celebrates and supports exceptional young people from across the commonwealth who are taking lead in their communities and using their skills to transform lives.    Grants are also given to organisations who can show that they are improving the lives of young people in their communities and helping young people around them improve their skills.

The 2015 award was the maiden edition of the awards and the search  is currently on to find new exceptional young leaders for the 2016 Awards.  Applications for the 2016 edition opened on Monday 22nd June.  Applicants must be aged between 18 and 28, must be from and working in a commonwealth country. Go to the WEBSITE for more info.


  1. You go girllll @Nkechi... Slay Bubba... Slllaaayyyy.. You know yeah Calabar Geh toh suree... No other illness breaks my heart more than this Sickle cell ish... I mean the fact that these kids don't deserve the pain they are thrust in.. Mehn Forget love and Cravings for unprotected sex et al.. It is impoRRant to know the Genotype biko... as all the above stated are choices made by the participants yeah.. But you see the pain called Sickle cell?! Its a pain suffered by the Products.. and it is sad... **Deep sigh... I started something called IFASCA a while ago.. Didn't have the drive to go on.. But Maybe.. Just maybe Bubba.. I could help the world in my own small way in a bit.. And the crowd goes... Awwwgghh!

  2. Duru - you should not give up!! Every little helps...... Trudge on with your cause and one day very soon, you'll beat your chest and give thanks to God for not letting go.....


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