Monday, June 01, 2015

Reel Fruits Owner - Affiong Williams makes Forbes Africa 30 Under 30s List

Have you heard of Reel Fruit? If you have not, then it is not too late to go searching for a pack of Reel Fruit and trying it out.  It is available in the shops near you and is also being served by airlines as well.

Reel Fruit Founder Affiong Williams is one to watch indeed.  Affiong and 29 other entrepreneurs are featured in the 4th edition of Forbes Annual 30 Under 30 List. The list is a tally of bright stars under 30 in several different fields who are moving minds, markets and generations into the future.

Affiong started Reel Fruit from her kitchen a couple of years ago (2012) and it has grown in leaps and bounds since then.  Reel fruit is a snack and beverage company that produces healthy snack options - dried pineapples and dried mango.  Watch her video after the cut........


  1. Yyyyaaaayyy.. You know yeah Bubba.. I read the 30 for 30 Gist on Forbes... i think that was on Tuuuesssddaayyy.. Not too sure though.. But this week sha.. and i was amazed.. Ayam ff her lori TwiRRa now sef... i Googled her up ASAp and then bam!! Saw your Blog on the top 5 results.. Mehn AnyBoRRy that tells me about a Believer in the Nigerian Dream ehhnn.. I will jejely tell them about teh ghen ghen Calabar geh...

    Read up this lady and she is amazing like that Biko! and i like that she is breaking grounds...

    You know yeah Calabar geh.. One thing that endears me to ye! heheh is how you are able to appreciate rising stars.. Maybe one day you wihh feature confused me nah.. and the post migfht go like... Meet JdB, CEO of The Young and Confused Enterprise.. heheheheheh Sounds nice yeah.. Money and fame go fit me oh! **Winky winkss... Cheers Bubba.. Thanks for celebrating young people.. You are just a ghen ghen someboRRy like that a tell'S' You.. :) and the crowd goes... Mmmwwwaaahh.. :)

  2. UZOMA AGBASI UBOHJanuary 07, 2016 2:50 pm

    This is inspiring and motivating...I look forward to becoming a great entrepreneur and employer of labour. God bless your genuine effort AFFIONG. ONE LOVE NIGERIA!


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