Friday, June 12, 2015

Traffic Accident in Biase Leaves 19 Dead

The Mangled Romchi Bus

A 21 seater commuter bus belonging to Romchi Transport travelling from Calabar to Ogoja was involved in a head on collision with a trailer on Tuesday 9th June 2015.  Sources say the driver of the bus was attempting to overtake another vehicle at a bend when the collision occurred leaving 19 persons dead.  The impact of the collision flattened the bus in its entirety killing 19 persons on board.  The bus driver and another passenger were taken to hospital with serious injuries.  


Policemen at the scene of the accident

Dead Bodies at the Scene

Accident Scene

Source: CR Watch

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  1. Though this is quite sad but I think this could have been easily avoided as we need to create more awareness among drivers and train them better. I have worked with a DUI lawyer for a decade back in US and never heard a tragic incident like this back there. If they can prevent such things, even we can too!


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