Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Vice President Yemi Osibanjo Visits Ex Vice President Atiku Abubakar

Vice President Yemi Osibanjo and Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar

Vice President Yemi Osibanjo visited Atiku Abubakar at his home recently. Excepts from a possible conversation between the pair after the cut.

Possible Conversation?

Osinbajo: Baba, you must teach me the rudiments of chop and clean mouth o.

Atiku: So soon? It's not even 48 hours since you were sworn in.

Osinbajo: I'm not here to sell chin-chin o. Why postpone till tomorrow what you can do today?

Atiku: Good, good. You are a natural; you came almost fully made.

Osinbajo: (grins sheepishly) I learned from the best. Baba Tinubu is a seasoned teacher.

Atiku: (nods) But beside some of us, Tinubu is a learner o.

Osinbajo: I know, and that is why I have come to you. Baba, I must not come and just go like a snake on a mountain. Everyone before me left footprints in the account of this federation; mine must not be different o. I am not in Abuja to play.

Atiku: Relax, I understand you. But what about what the President said at the swearing in?

Osinbajo: Wait, that speech? You think he wrote it? You think Baba cares about Shakespeare? I gave the task to some of the yoots following me around.

Atiku: Ok. Still, we must be careful. If Buhari discovers, this conversation never happened. Walahi, I will disown you. I am too old to go to kirikiri o.

Osinbajo: Baba, he won't find out. Didn't you hear of my exploits when I served under Baba Tinubu. I was his MVP; he said I learn quickly and I am his best student.

Atiku: Good. The training is not free o. You must drop something.

Osinbajo: No problem Baba. Let Monday come, I will see what I can raise.

Atiku: Ok. Oya, chant the #Change slogan because of the detele yoots and lukmans standing at my back. They are always excited when they hear that slogan.

Osinbajo: (laughs) APC!

Atiku and the Lukmans: Change! Sai Baba! Sai Nigeria! Sai national cake.

Una Good evening o.

Semaj Nugomiij

Credit: James Ogunjimi


  1. And they continued......NVP.. why did fight your oga at your time?..FVP.... he wants to eat alone which is not in our be continued!

    1. LOL!! Your imagination is too fertile.....


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