Monday, July 06, 2015

Brave or Foolish? You be the judge.....

Check out the stunts 23 year old Leonardo and his 18 year old girlfriend - Victoria pull in their spare time together.  They head to the world's highest mountain that ends in an ocean and strike some extreme, hard core, daring selfie poses over the cliff.  The mountain is called Padrea de Gavea and can be found in Brazil.

This is taking 'extreme selfies' to a whole new level

Paedra de Gavea is 2,769 feet above the city of Rio de Janerio and the Atlantic Ocean.  Leonardo told reporters: 'I love living on the edge.  I know people think it is crazy but it makes me feel alive'.

Sweaty palms on a day like this would be a 'death sentence' surely?

 This is definitely not my idea of a date or fun time together.

Pictures: Caters


  1. I definitely wouldn't do it. not even for all the rice in the fact that im frigging scared of heights,anything can go wrong.
    anyways,hope u are doing well

  2. Replies
    1. hehehehehehheheehhehehehehehe Favour e haf kill me! Lmao!

  3. ..and that is how Die will be hungrying some people.. Shuo! If they come and goan and fall nah they will say it is umu ndi Village.. I just piRRy the guy.. be doing James Bond there.. If you fall ehn! **In the legendary voice of Rita Dominic in Nollywood movie The Meeting; "O.Y.O is your case... hehehe This was gangster Calabar Geh! how are you Bubba?!

  4. If the pics are real then they re plain stupid.

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