Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Domestic Violence Again?!?!? Model spots black eye in Vlog

These are indeed troubled times for former Mr International Ireland (2009), television presenter and fitness trainer/gym owner - Francis Usanga.  He is in the news and facing a huge backlash after his partner of several years, mother of his two kids, model, fitness blogger and vlogger - Emma Murphy posted a vlog showing a huge black eye she alleges was caused by her partner Francis on Friday 10th July 2015.


The background (according to Emma) is that she found while pregnant that Francis had been cheating on her with another lady - a client who had also fallen pregnant with Francis third child. The shocking news caused Emma to go into early labour and she gave birth to their second child.  She uploaded a vlog showing a black eye which has been viewed over 5 million times stating that she went to Francis RTE gym in Santry, North Dublin to confront him when over the cheating allegation.  She admitted that she crushed his phone and threw it away and he punched her in anger.

Francis on the other hand is refuting her allegations, stating that he only pushed her and  she must have hit her head against the car or some object on the ground which caused her black eye.  His Fx fitness gym has remained closed since the incident.  His mum Imma Usanga has told press that there are two sides to every story and her son did not kill anyone but made a mistake.  

The Irish Gardai are currently investigating the DV claims made by Emma.


  1. Seriously what's wrong with these people - I abhor domestic violence and any man who beats a woman is a wild animal and belongs in the zoo

  2. **Climbs Pedestal and pics up Public Address System... "he only pushed her and she must have hit her head against the car or some object on the ground which caused her black eye."

    Really?! **Scratches head.. hehehe thats a big lie Oga... You see ehn calabar Geh! Me i cannot come here and play Saint... In Wajilda's voice... Why?!! Why?!! Why?!!! will the lady smash his phone...Why should she infuriate (not too sure if this diction applies here though) him?! Now the entire world has forgotten that part and now focus on the fact that he hit her. :( Now i dont mean to justify what he did.. I mean it is wrong to hit a woman.. But come on... he was Angry.. he is a man.. The world needs to understand that its wrong to hit a woman.. But its also hard for a man to not hit a woman when he is pushed to the wall..

    Mehhn this post is just sad... My best wishes are with them at this stormy time.. Cheers. **Drops mic... **Walks away with head bowed down... :(


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