Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Enchained - Nollywood Movie Premiere @Greenwich Odeon

ENCHAINED, a nollywood  movie produced by Abigail Irving premieres at 8pm this Friday - 10th July 2015 at Greenwich Odeon, Bugsby Way, London.  Get your tickets from Eventbrite.

Enchained is a movie shot in the UK about Ryan, a short- sighted young man from Nigeria, who was born to educated respectable parents and grew up within a God fearing family. Unfortunately whilst growing up in his native Nigeria, he fell in with some bad company which influenced his life tremendously.  Watch the PREVIEW HERE

As Ryan becomes further entrenched in this world of negative peers, his parents send him to the UK to live with his aunt with the aim of removing the negative influences plaguing his life, attain an education, turn his life around and make his parents proud.  

Ryan is on his best behaviour but soon falls back into his wayward ways.  His aunt throws him out eventually and homeless Ryan's life begins to unravel.  He meets and becomes involved with Shanti who becomes pregnant and they try to build a life together.  However, violence, anger, jealousy soon creeps in and chips at the very foundation of their relationship.

Shanti succumbs to pressure and attempts to start out on her own.  Ryan seething with rage goes in search leading to terrible consequences. How will it all end?  Love comes at a price.  Find out who paid for it in this captivating, mind blowing, suspense filled movie - Enchained!

Pictures from the Movie Premiere/Red Carpet - HERE

Early Birds                                    -    £20
VIP, Red Carpet & Refreshments  -    £30

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