Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hair Wars: Creative Hairstyles Cause Furore

An extremely creative mum wove her daughter's hair (cornrows), inserted the caption 'Girls Rock' in her daughter's cornrows and posted the picture on social media.  I thought the weaving was extremely creative, the pattern really complicated, cornrows made with love but others who saw the picture thought otherwise and made their opinions known.  One lady actually made a comment that braiding or weaving a little girl's hair that tight was child abuse, would make the little girl's hair fall out and encouraged lice to grow on the little girls hair.  WHAT??!?!?!?!?!?????!

Majority of us grew up with painful hairstyles.  Beauty is pain and gain right?  Of course a new hairstyle will hurt but the pain subsides after a day or two and you get to be the centre of attention especially if the style is outstanding.  Other mum's rose to the creative mum's defence and posted other awesome styles they made on their kids hair.  More pictures after the cut.....

Below are some complicated patterns made by loving mothers on their daughters hair.  I say they are all awesome!! Let us stop this negativity surrounding braids and cornrows!



  1. Wow you've got to admire the creativity of people - been learning to braid for decades but nothing ooo ( I'm officially an itibolibo lol). Well people will always talk but there might be an element of truth on some of the things they say.

    I do not believe I'm braiding anybody's hair too tight - spare a thought for that child. How are you going to sleep at night knowing that your child is in pain? Must you wait for a few days for the pain to subside? Lol, one thing I cannot comprehend is that 'losing hair will make lice grow in hair' I thought it was the other way round hahahahahahaahahha

  2. wow.very creative.i dont alsi believe in braiding anyone's hair tight especially for children. They dont need all that 'added stress' to their head to look beautiful.children are beautiful with or without the braids.Besides, i went through hell with hairdressers as a kid and the last thing id want to do is put my child or anyother child through that pain.


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