Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My Experience at Enchained Movie Premiere - Chima Ezechukwu

Chima and Enchained Producer - Abigail Irving

Chima Ezechukwu is the author of the crime fiction novel - Snake Against Shadows.  He has written a brief review about his experience at the premiere of Nollywood movie - Enchained which took place on 10th July 2015.  See the review below:

The Movie Premiere of The Long Awaited Block Buster 'Enchained!'
Hi Everyone,
Mr lnspiration is enchanted with the Nollywood UK movie block buster 'Enchained' Why? Well, that's because everything about the movie and it's storyline was intriguing and captivating.
The premiere was held at the Odeon at Greenwich, Bugsby way London. The film was written and produced by Abigail lrving whom l understand is still a newbie in the Nollywood UK industry. But my hat goes off to her because she did pull it off with her first stab at the UK West African industry. She is a good story teller.
The movie was shot here in the UK and was structured around a young man named Ryan whose underhand activities land him into trouble. He eventually falls prey to his own malicious designs.
This was actually my first African movie premiere in the UK and l thoroughly enjoyed it. I was impressed on the night not only by the quality of story. But equally by the performances of the film actors and actresses including the child star who appeared in the movie.
But as biased as this may sound l believe the lead character of the movie stole the show. His name was John Remedy and l approached him to congratulate him after the show. I introduced myself and told him about my first crime thriller novel Snake Amongst Shadows. I left my details with him and approached other members of the cast and crew.
I met some famous faces and talked to a few supporting cast members and film makers who co produced the film with Abigail lrving.

People like Film maker/Actor Prince lfeanyi Okoye whom l knew had starred in a good number of films with the best of the best in Nollywood.
Lastly, the new catchphrase is still 'Justice Screams And Mayhem Walks'. The campaign is still on. So log onto my webpage which is:www.maclogan.blogspot.co.uk. and buy the e-book NOW!  As mentioned before the Rattlesnake will be back. And the world will never be the same again.
Stay Safe!

View Enchained Red Carpet Pictures HERE

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