Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Nollywood Actress Chidera Upsets Populace With Nude Maternity Shoot

Maternity photo shoots have come to stay and I intend to have one myself.  Nollywood Actress Chidera Adiele had a photoshoot recently to celebrate and document her pregnancy.  This has not gone down well with the African populace who feel she is putting her husband and family to shame and are calling for her head.  Others including me see her pictures are a work of art. Which school of thought art thee?

 More 'works of art' after the cut......

 What do you think?  'Yay' or 'Nay'?

P.S: Who is behind the camera?  Can I book 'her'/'him' for mine?


  1. This is so not my cup of tea - good for her!

  2. shuo! Biko WaRrisAllDis?! Who sent this one message ni?! But she sure looks healthy with the child in her.. and thats a good thing.. Well if to be doing show BOBBY with Baby Rocks her boat, then why not if not biko?!


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