Saturday, July 18, 2015

Patricia Navidad's Panty Liner Falls Out During Live Performance

This is a lady's worst nightmare.  Loosing your panty liner or sanitary towel in public! A massive oooops moment! Serious Gobe! This happened to Mexican singer Patricia Navidad a couple of days ago during a live performance where she was singing her hit song "Despierta America" on breakfast tv.  Her panty liner fell from her panties while she was singing live but she was professional and carried on singing!! Oops!! 

I would probably have bent down and picked it up while singing at the same time but heh - I'm not Patricia!
Loads of people made demeaning comments online but Patricia came all out to defend herself and told the entire world that this is the 21st century and there wasn't anything to be ashamed of.

She tweeted: "I want to make it clear that I never threw or would throw the pad It fell by itself through a very sophisticated tunnel.  Too bad all the men that are making fun of this weren't there, because if it is what they say it was I would have loved to have smeared it on their face.  I'm not a boxer, I'm not a warrior, and I never throw in the towel unless I don't need it anymore.  Thank you, I love you."

She also tweeted: "This is not something I should be ashamed of or be mocked for.  But while judging, bullying and pointing at me you forget you are not what you say you are."

I say this viral video and its resultant publicity will turn out in Patricia's favour.  I see her becoming an ambassador for a female panty liners or towels in the very near future.  Good on her for standing up for herself and not cowering under online pressure!


  1. buhahahaha!!!if it had happened to me i would have been sooo embarrassed!she really

  2. This girl is very very thick skinned snd I admite her for being professional - she carried on like nothing hapoened. However in the future, she should ensure that its in properly.

    I would have been embarassed if it were me


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