Friday, July 31, 2015

Paul and Chantal Biya Host President Buhari At State Dinner

See Pictures below.  This should be the start to successfully straightening out frosty relations regarding Bakassi and other issues.....

President Buhari at the State Dinner

Gov Udom, Gov Ayade and Gov

Gov Ayade, Chantal Biya and President Buhari

I say "cheers" to thawing current frosty relations

P.S:  I know I should focus in issues discussed during this visit but permit me to say.  The flower arrangements is beautiful.  Kudos to whoever performed that wonderful work of art. :)

Photo Credit: CrossRiverWatch


  1. Hello, I nominated you for the versatile blogger awards

  2. heheheheheh kai Calabar Geh! You ehhhnnn.... See as you jejely jumped all the delicate issues and focused on Flower.. heheh Kai! Bubba.. You ehhnn.. :)


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