Friday, July 17, 2015

Prince Philip makes another royal gaffe.....

Prince Phillip - Queen Elizabeth's husband is notorious for his gaffes.  He commissioned a community centre recently and asked the three ladies in the picture "So, who do you sponge off?"  Cringe!! Luckily, the ladies took the gaffe in their stride and laughed it off responding "We are all married so we sponge off our husbands".  I can happily say I sponge off my man as well.  What is his is ours. (smile).  Lets leave it at that......

Prince Philip famously said to "Uncle Sege" - President Obasanjo who was all decked out in his traditional attire: "You look like you are ready for bed!" LOL!! More royal gaffes after the cut....

Other notorious gaffes made by the 94 year old Queen's consort include:
  • "Do you meet to have a gossip?" - To volunteers at a centre;
  • "Do you have any friends left?" - To a professional fundraiser;
  • "When are you planning to go back to Nigeria?" - To Pastor Bandele;
  • "British women cant cook";
  • "Your songs are hideous - what do you gargle with? Pebbles?" - To legendary singer Tom Jones;
  • "You are a woman, aren't you?" - To a lady who handed him a gift during a visit to Kenya;
  • "If you stay here much longer, you'll all be slitty-eyed" - To a group of British students in China;
  • "You've managed not to get eaten then?" - To a British student in Papau New Guinea;
  • "If you're near that music, it's no wonder you're deaf" - To deaf kids standing near a steel band;
  • "Ah, so this is the feminist corner then" - To a group of female Labour MPs at a Tea Party;
  • "A vast waste of space" - describing an £18m British Embassy he declared open;
  • "Do you still throw spears at each other?" - To a group of Aborigines in Australia;
  • "If it does not fart or eat hay, then she is not interested!" - About his daughter Princess Anne;
  • "I dont think a prostitute is more moral than a wife but they are doing the same thing!";
  • "Bugger the table plan, just give me my dinner!" - At a dinner party;
  • "Arent most of you descended from pirates?" - To natives at Cayman Island.
Long Live The Duke!!


  1. "When are you planning to go back to Nigeria?" - To Pastor Bandele"

    Aha! Eezz neFer that deep nah.. lmao!


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