Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Pros of Social Media

 This ghastly accident occurred 48 hours ago between Okene and Kabba where a Lexus Jeep belonging to Asiwaju Isaac Akinkunmi was involved in a head on collision.  In this case, social media was used positively, a call was put out and Asiwaju's family was used to alert Asiwaju's family of his plight.  His family were alerted that he had been taken to Veritas Clinic in Kabba for medical attention.  

Asiwaju is the GM of Tito Plastics and Tito Yoghurt Company Limited.  He was alleged to be travelling from Makurdi, Benue State to Ogbomosho for a series of meetings.  We wish him and all those involved in the accident a quick and full recovery.


  1. I know tito yoghurt so well, quick recovery to all of them.

  2. Social media does more good than harm in some cases and this one proves it. Wishing them a quick recovery


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