Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tinuola Loses Home Given To Her In Late Father's Will

Tinuola Aregbesola is currently in a battle with Barclays Bank over their negligence in drafting a £90 will made by her father - Ebenezer Aregbesola in 2007.  Late Pa Ebenezer Aregbesola used Barclays Bank £90 will writing service to make execute a will bequeathing his half of the home he shared under a joint tenancy with his wife (who was not Tinuola's mum) to his daughter Tinuola.  However, the law states that in such circumstances, the joint tenancy must be severed before one half can be given out to a person who is not a scion of both joint tenants.  Barclays bank fails to point this out to Pa Ebenezer and his gift to Tinuola failed.  Where a joint tenant dies, the house becomes fully owned by the surviving joint tenant who can do with it or bequeath it to anyone he or she pleases.

That is the current situation Tinuola found herself.  Under the current law, the home in Balham is now fully owned by her step mother.  She took Barclays to the regulators who held that Barclays must indemnify her for her loss.  Barclays now alleges that their will writing service is unregulated and not under the jurisdiction of the regulators so they do not have to obey its instructions to pay Tinuola compensation for the shoddy will written for her father by its will writing division.  Tinuola has now vowed to take Barclays to court in a bid to get them to pay compensation.

Poor lady - losing a parent is traumatic enough but having to go through this ordeal (incurring additional costs) is something else entirely.  The moral of the story is - always have a lawyer cast a fresh eye over your will DIY (Do It Yourself) or not.  Better still, always make sure a lawyer is involved in drafting your will so your beneficiaries can avoid stories that touch!

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  1. This is sad oh! Considering how i hear its hard (expensive) to get a good place in the U.K. **Exhales deeply...


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