Saturday, July 18, 2015

Tourists stick heads out of windows to get better view of lions and their kill

I am all for visiting Safari parks and seeing nature at its best.  Remember Katherine Chappell was in the news recently because she was wound down her window and stuck her head out of her car window to get a better view of the lions?  She got killed by a lion who dragged her out through the window of the jeep she was in.

Seems these tourists have not learnt any lessons from Katherine's death.  They are on a safari and came accross two lions devouring their prey.  See the guy in blue (jeep behind) who wound his window down completely, stuck his arm and neck out for a better view?  What if the lion got distracted and turned on him instead? *SMH*  

More pictures after the cut......

 Can you see a blue torso sticking (halfway) out of the jeep in the background?

Another 'head' sticking out of a window that has been wound 

Same head sticking out.  I dont begrudge the lions their meal.  Afterall, man decided to build a highway in their natural habitat so we could study them more.  What I abhore is tourists/individuals not adhering to the rules of the park.  "Keep your windows wound up while you are in the park!"  They probably did not get the memo that lions eat people too.

Yummy feast!


Read the article on Katherine Chappell being mauled by lions HERE

Picture Credit: CCTV


  1. Oh God! And they couldnt save the poor antelope?

    1. It's the circle of life. That antelope's number was up that day as it is for many prey animals in the wild. If the tourists hadn't come upon it, we wouldn't have known. In fact, there's a lion or hyena munching on a zebra as I type.

  2. some people dont learn at all!like you said what if the lion got distracted?anyway,life in the jungle must be someway-its either you kill or get killed.

  3. Some people are 'brave' beyond comprehension - could it be stupidity or what?


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