Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I'm Sorry............

I'm so sorry - it is a new month and I have been horribly missing in action. I cant explain what happened.  Not enough hours in a day maybe? The truth is I have been busy jumping up and down being a tourist and ignoring my dear blog.  Forgive me please.......? :)


  1. No oh! No No No!!!! We are Def. not forgiving you eh! Alright me aYam not sha forgiving you.. I mean aha nah! Ye haf been touring and you did not put up touring picSHurs already?! kai! my heart e haf break.. Choi!! I am in pains.. Dearest Calabar Geh stoh sure... BeRra put up PicShurs now ehnnn oRRelse.. Hmmnn.. Putin will have to separate our fight eh!

    In other news eh Bubba.. Glad ya alright.. Cheers.. xx

  2. Put up touring pishures? Belive me - u dont want to see the brand new 'orobo' that I have become.... :)


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