Friday, August 28, 2015

Question of the Day - What Am I?

  1. So Technology Has Developed Like This? 
  2. I stored my hubby's number with his name on my phone o. This morning, I decided to call and check on him to know how he is doing. 
  3. As I scrolled to his number and called, a voice said; you have insufficient credit to make this call, please recharge and try again. 
  4. I checked my account balance to confirm this, it was true, so, I borrowed my neighbour’s phone to make this call. 
  5. This neighbour of mine is my close pal o! Someone that we played with pant in the streets together when we were growing up. Very reliable lady she is. 
  6. As I dialed my hubby's number on her phone, do you know what appeared on the screen? ”MY LOVE”. 
  7. I started wondering; how did the phone know that the owner of the number is my lover? 
  8. When I asked my friend how the phone knows that the owner of that number is my love, my friend told me that this is what all this new phones do nowadays o!
  9. So technology has gotten to this level? White people are really trying o!   We are really moving forward oh…technology, thank you ohhhhh!      
  10. One Word To Describe ME?


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