Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Making Money Using Social Media

Sharon Callix
 Sharon Callix is a motivational speaker and social media expert.  She had a seminar recently at Strand Palace Hotel, London where she shared tips on how to make money using social media.

Des O'Connor
Will put up a post shortly on the tips Sharon and Des shared at the training.  In the meantime, here are some pictures from the event...

Photographers Get In Here.....

I was awed when I saw this wedding picture and my first thoughts were - I must replicate this pose for the next wedding I cover.  It is a really nice concept and I love how the dress was made with two different types of lace.  Maybe the dressmaker had this pose in mind? Either way, it rocks!

Peter Speaks!!

No Sir, I do not agree with you.  I am on Arase's side.  Anyone who blatantly displays their wealth is keeping him (Arase) on his toes and giving him more work to do.....

Thank You For Voting Queenieez Kitchen

Thank You for Voting Queenieez Kitchen at the CRWatch 2015 Young Entrepreneurs Summit Award.  Please do not relent - keep your votes coming.....

Bantu Knot: Epic Fail!

Saw this on Verastic's facebook page and could not help laughing.  I can relate to this. Hehehehe.....  I'm not yet fully integrated into Team Bantu knot.  However, I can proudly say I am #TeamWashAndGo! LOL!

Happy Birthday To The Don - Mr Donald Duke

Former Governor of Cross River State - Mr Donald Duke is a year older today - 30th September 2015.  Here's wishing the great man many more happy and fruitful years ahead.

Volunteers Clean Up Regal Seaview Beach

Pelu Awofeso shared pictures of his work with several other volunteers as they undertook the cleaning up of Regal Seaview Beach.  He stated in his facebook post:

"At about this time last week, I was with a 80 ‪#‎Environment‬-conscious volunteers on ‪#‎RegalSeaviewBeach‬, clearing and sorting trash, and taking stock. It is work in which I am well pleased."

Having Neck Pain? Try These....

I have been having serious neck pain recently.  I think I sprained a neck muscle while doing my hair.  It was a great relief to find these exercises online.  I have tried 1-3 successfully and I must say there is great improvement but option 4 is proving a little bit more difficult than expected to achieve.  Fingers crossed, there will be great improvement...

Loving Yemi Alade's New Hairdo

Yemi Alade, the 'Johnny' crooner released some new pictures from a photoshoot she had recently.

 Loving your hairdo - Yemi!

Vehicle Plunges Off Bridge Into Water

Ikom bridge from which the taxi fell into the Ikom river

On 8th September, a taxi travelling from Obubra local government area to the north of cross river state lost control and plunged into the Ikom river with all four passengers on board.  Eye witness reports state that the driver of the vehicle was driving on the Calabar-Ikom bridge and trying to avoid a head on collision with an on coming trailler when he swerved. He could not regain control of the vehicle before it fatal plunge from the ~Ikom bridge into the Ikom river.

There was one survivor - a 21 year old lady who was severely traumatised by the incident as she was travelling with her boyfriend who unfortunately did not not survive the plunge.  Ikom residents engaged the services of local  divers to scour the river and bodies of three other passengers and the driver of the vehicle were pulled out of the river after four days search.  The incident took place on 8th September 2015.  The divers had been searching on the wrong side of the river/bridge and switched to the other side after a fruitless search.The switch paid off as the taxi and three corpses were found under the Ikom bridge.

Culled from the Vanguard

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Find Your Voice: The Decline of Black Radio Event - Parkview Academy

Find Your Voice had an event at Parkview Academy recently where a short film on the decline of black radio was featured.  Black businesses also took the opportunity to showcase their products and services.  Here are some pictures from the event.

The Traffic Monsoon team

Onyx Film Club team

All Things Ankara Ball

The "All Things Ankara Ball" - a celebration of The Renaissance and Nigerian Independence is the first ever Inaugural Ball in celebration of Nigerian independence.  The event will take place on October 17th and 18th 2015 at Adele H. Sharp Student Union Grand Ballroom, University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland.  Time is from 9pm tp 2am.   The theme is "The Beautiful Marriage of French Renaissance and Nigerian-African Aesthtics".

Musician Jidenna and Model Jessica Chibueze have been chosen as Ambassadors at this year's event and will also be honoured at the event along with other prominent Nigerians who have made an impact.

The theme of this year's ball is "Nigerian Rennaisance" and aims to showcase the rich Nigerian culture through illuminating ankara fashion.

Jidenna and Jessica completed a photoshoot recently for the ball.  More pictures from the photoshoot after the cut.

How To Make A Woman Come - All The Tips You Need

Blogger Sylvia just got out of an unhappy sexual relationship when she had a eureka moment - why not provide a platform where women can write about what they need their men to do and the men can come and glean tips on how to satisfy their women.  Tips straight from the horses mouth so to speak.

She asked a couple of friends to share tips (annonymously) and the rest they say is history.  There are 79 real life, highly entertaining and enlightening posts on the blog right now.

Men - do you need an education on how to keep your woman happy? Head on to "HOW TO MAKE ME COME".  You can thank me later. :)

Inspector General Of Police pays Condolence Visit To The Awolowo Family

Late Chief Mrs H I D Awolowo
IGP Arase and his men
The Inspector General of Police - Mr Solomon Arase paid a condolence visit to the family of Late Chief (Mrs) H.I.D. Awolowo on Sunday 27th September 2015.  Accompanied by several top ranking police officers, the police chief told the family that Mrs Awolowo's death had created a vacuum that could only be filled by God.  He promised that the police would provide adequate security all through Mrs Awolowo's burial ceremony.

IGP Arase signing the condolence register
Mrs Awolowo would have turned 100 on Wednesday 25th November 2015 and will be laid to rest on what would have been her 100th birthday.

Bishop David Oyedepo Is One Year Older

The founding pastor of Living Faith Curch Bishop David Oyedepo turned 61 on Sunday 27th September 2015.  Scores of people including his beloved wife Mrs Faith Oyedepo took to social media to wish him a happy birthday.

She shared a throwback picture of the couple taken 11 years ago when Bishop Oyedepo turned 50.

Which South African Actress Was Caught With Drugs At Oliver Tambo Airport?

Twitter is agog with speculation as south africans are hard at work trying to guess the identity of the actress allegedly caught with drugs (E4.5 million worth of Ephedrine) at Oliver Tambo Airport on her return from Dubai.  Hashtags like #Drugbust, #Drugmule, #GuessTheActress are trending like mad.

It is believed that the actress has appeared in South African soaps Scandal and Isidingo was arrested on her arrival at the airport on Sunday 27th September 2015.  She will be charged and will appear at Kempton Magistrates Court later on today - Tuesday 29th September 2015.

Horrible Accident On Calabar Itu Highway (Graphic Photos)

A fatal accidemt occurred on Calabar Itu Highway on Friday 25th September 2015 and claimed about 10 lives.  Apparently, the driver of the trailer lost control of his vehicle due to the bad highway which is dotted with potholes and unmotorable patches.

  The trailer driver lost control and rammed into a couple of vehicles in its path squashing the vehicles into a mangled steelwork and killing about 10 passengers travelling in them.

Mina Stampede: Eye Witness Account From Kebbi State Deputy Governor

The entire world witnessed with great shock, the death of over 700 pilgrims in Mina on the outskirts of Mecca.  The pilgrims were undergoing one of the pilgrimage rituals known as "stoning the devil".  Pilgrim throw seven stones at a bridge which is believed to be the spot where Satan tempted Abraham.

On Thursday 24th September 2015, over 700 of the pilgrims who undertook the journey to Jamaraat Bridge where the ritual takes place did not return alive.  The deupty governor of Kebbi State - Alhaji Samaila Yombe Dabai was one of the survivors of the Mina Stampede.  Speaking in Mecca, Alhaji Yombe Dabai said people were packed like sardines in the sweltering heat which was about 47 degrees celsius.

Monday, September 28, 2015

October 1 2015 Declared Public Holiday In Nigeria

Oh God of public holidays - please cast your magic wand at our own 'obodo' too....  2 public holidays last week and another one this week.  Remember us oh lord.... LOL!

Health and Safety Gone With The Wind.....

Endangering the lives of all those young ones - all in the name of celebrating sallah..... 

#Facebookdown..... #Twitterup LOL!

What do you do when facebook is down? You go on twitter to vent your anger and read all about it.  I'm so guilty of this.... LOL!! More #facebookdown memes below.

Timaya's Baby is So Beautiful

Baby Grace
Meet Timaya's second daughter - Baby Grace sleeping peacefully and looking so angelic and beautiful!!

57 Nigeiran Pilgrims Die in Mina Stampede

The Chairman of the National Hajj Commission - Abdullahi Mukhtar at a press conference today confirmed that 54 Nigerians were killed in the Hajj stampede in Mina, near Mecca.  The pilgrims who were on their way to "stone the devil" were from several states which included:

  • Bauchi
  • Borno
  • Cross River
  •  Jigawa
  • Kano
  • Katsina
  • Nasarawa
  • Niger
  • Ogun
  • Ondo
  • Sokoto
  • Taraba
  • Yobe
  • Zamfara

Facebook Down Again - Twice In One Week!

Facebook has been down for the past hour.  Users took to twitter to moan about not been able to access their accounts.  See hilarious memes below:

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Redhead Paris Jackson Stunning in LA

Michael Jackson's daughter Paris showed off her new hairdo in LA.  The 17 year old looked stunning as she went out and about LA with her friends after they had grabbed a bite to eat.

Red Haired Paris

Paris - 6 years ago

Saturday, September 26, 2015

See Us Now

I'm loving this song from JJC featuring Kate Henshaw

Very catchy!  See the video below.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Mecca Hajj Stampede Caused By Officials Closing Gates On Pilgrims

What caused the Mina Hajj stampede?  That is the big question on everyone's lips.  
Inexperience or Simply Confusion? 
Saudi Officials are blaming african pilgrim as being the cause of the stampede, with the novice pilgrims not following guidelines and trying to take shortcuts and undertake the journey on their own.

Questions being bandied about include: "Could there have been too much impatience on the part of the pilgrims"?  Could it have been the heat that caused the stampede?  Were the pilgrims pushing each other too hard? Could it have been the first timers who were rushing to complete the rituals, not being patient and were pushing others? Could it have been pilgrims pushing each other in different directions?  Those heading to the Jamarat Bridge and those coming from the bridge pushing each other in different directions?

Sources are saying the Saudi officials closed the gates of the bridge thus preventing free and fluid movement which led to the stampede as can be seen in the picture above.

Journalist and blogger El Katatney who was at the scene of the stampede told CNN there was carnage everywhere. The journey to the bridge is grueling on its own and the temperatures were high.  I was out there for over 2 hours taking pictures.  Standing in the sun makes you dizzy and faint.  As our group headed back taking road 204, another group was heading to the bridge taking road 206 and our paths crossed.  Heavy pushing ensued.  It was horrendous.  They pushed, shoved, panicked and screamed.  She said other pilgrims said that if you were not strong enough to withstand the pushing and shoving in the stampede, chances were that if you fell, you were not going to rise up again.

Check Out Jim Iyke and His 'Mini Me' Snuggling Together

Popular Actor Jim Iyke welcomed a baby - Dubem Harvis with his partner recently.  Check out father and son snuggling together.  Fatherhood Rocks!!

See what he wrote on his Instagram page after the cut....


Queenieez Kitchen has been nominated for the 2016 Young Entrepreneurs Summit Awards.  Queensley - the entrepreneur behind Queenieez Kitchen needs your vote.  Please click here to vote for Queenieez Kitchen and click here to read all about her journey.

Coconut Rice, Okra Soup and Edkikangikong Soup
 Vote for Queenieez and ginger her in her quest to satisfy her consumers.

Mecca Hajj Death Toll Reaches 717 (Graphic Photos)

The route to mina

Thousands make their way to stone satan

About 717 people lost their lives and close to 900 were injured when a stampede occurred as pilgrims were walking towards Jamarat Bridge.  Two weeks ago, another incident left 109 people dead had occurred when a crane collapsed at the Grand Central Mosque.
Pilgrims approachiing Jamarat Bridge

It is thought that the pilgrims were walking/travelling to a valley known as Mina situated about 2 miles from Mecca to throw seven stones at pillars known as Jamarat which is the place where satan is believed to have tempted Prophet Abraham.  This ritual is known as stoning the devil.