Thursday, September 03, 2015

Container Falls Off Trailer and Flattens SUV AT Ojuelegba

An horrific accident occurred in Ojuelegba yesterday when a 20 feet container fell off a trailer as the trailer was driving up Ojuelegba bridge.  The container was being conveyed from the port to its final destination and fell onto an SUV driving underneath the bridge killing the occupants of the SUV.  May their souls rest in peace.

Reports say the truck was attempting to drive up the Ojuelegba bridge when the container fell off the trailer and crushed the SUV which was driving under the bridge.  If you look in the pictures, the SUV is underneath the red container - flattened completely from the impact of the container falling onto it from the bridge.

The authorities should look into the activities of these hauliers and ensure that any trucks carrying heavy haulage like containers et al have the proper restraints securing them in place.  These will help prevent and 
avoid horrific incidents like this.

Photo Credit: sahara reporters


  1. Oh meeeeehhnn! Calabar geh toh sure... This is so sad to look at! I mean Why?! Why do we Nigerians neFer learn?! One too many times this has happened and still these Truck Drivers do this all the time.. and our Governments do nothing.. Why do they allow these Heavy duty vehicles Ply densely populated routes at day time?!

    If i am correct yeah, the Container must have been Strapped on Nne, as it seems to have a part of the low bed (Truck) on it.. Heard The container was filled with bags of Cement... Kai! may the Soul of the faithful departed rest in the perfect peace of our Lord GOD, in JESUS mighty name.. Amen.. This is so sad a sight.. So sad kai! :(

  2. Omg this ka another sad incident - my poor heart bleeds


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