Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Vehicle Plunges Off Bridge Into Water

Ikom bridge from which the taxi fell into the Ikom river

On 8th September, a taxi travelling from Obubra local government area to the north of cross river state lost control and plunged into the Ikom river with all four passengers on board.  Eye witness reports state that the driver of the vehicle was driving on the Calabar-Ikom bridge and trying to avoid a head on collision with an on coming trailler when he swerved. He could not regain control of the vehicle before it fatal plunge from the ~Ikom bridge into the Ikom river.

There was one survivor - a 21 year old lady who was severely traumatised by the incident as she was travelling with her boyfriend who unfortunately did not not survive the plunge.  Ikom residents engaged the services of local  divers to scour the river and bodies of three other passengers and the driver of the vehicle were pulled out of the river after four days search.  The incident took place on 8th September 2015.  The divers had been searching on the wrong side of the river/bridge and switched to the other side after a fruitless search.The switch paid off as the taxi and three corpses were found under the Ikom bridge.

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