Saturday, October 24, 2015

Check Out This Rude Marks and Spencer Advert!

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No one is above mistake! Retailer Marks and Spencer have been forced to apologise for their "Buy Two Get One Free" christmas tree decorations advert which sells for £1 each and spelt out a rude word.  The rude word was spotted by a customer Nicola Young who shared the advert on twitter with the tag #noordinaryswearymessage.

Marks and Spencer refute allegations that the rude word was drummed up by a disgruntled or cheeky employee/ web designer and blamed the algorithms used to display products alleging that the words were generated in a random order.

Do you believe them?

Other advert errors include a tweet by french make up brand "Sephora" which tweeted "#countdowntobeauty" without the "o";
A Truro pub put up a sign reading "The wig and pen is open for business but forgot to leave a space between "pen" and "is";

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  1. Lolz even big names do make mistakes too no one is exempted..


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