Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hestianna Thomas (Nee Idiodi) - A Case of Domestic Violence or Suicide?

Last week Thursday October 15 2015, Dr Hestianna Thomas a Consultant Paediatrician was taken to Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), her head covered with a nylon bag, her face smashed in with her spine and arms fractured.  That same day, she assumed the tag of a 'deceased person'.  Her death has resulted in a lot of controversy and accusations.

Several reports say she was a victim of domestic violence who decided to stand by her man and not voice out all she was going through.

Other reports say she was psychotic and was suicidal which resulted in her taking her life.

Some reports say she was taken into LUTH battered and bruised with lacerations on her body with some bones in her skull made visible by her injuries.

The Chairman of the Lagos State Medical Association Dr Emeka Ogbolu refutes the rumors and allegations that the deceased was a victim of domestic violence or that she was killed by her husband.  He said:

“I was appalled at how some people jumped to conclusions that it was homicide without investigating or asking questions. I also had to refrain because it is really painful being that I saw her on Tuesday and therefore it came as a shock. I just came from their home where I went to pay a condolence visit and what I saw was a pained and angry mother. Her mother, after I introduced myself, pleaded that we do not abandon her son-in-law who is a son to her. While weeping she asked why someone will be so insensitive and wicked to her as a mother and conclude that her son-in-law killed her daughter. She cursed those that started it because she said they have only added to her pain which is already unbearable. She said she is a principal officer in a university and has some background in psychology and she knows the tell tale signs of domestic violence. She visits often and would not have hesitated to forcefully drag her daughter out of the marriage had that been the case. She would have known from her interaction with their children. She said those who started this have stung her where it hurts because she does not joke with her children. She said she broke down when she saw the newspaper that carried the story. I saw a mother pained. I think it was genuine. I promised her I would pass on her message as much as I can and that is all I have done.

 An anonymous commentator in response to his statement retorted:

"I'm appalled at the so called, MDCAN chairman so is he saying it's a suicide, why would an educated woman like that commit suicide and if she wanted would it be like that when there are effective and other painless ways to die. The way we value life in this country makes me sick. They are trying to cover it up, I'm a student there and the autopsy was carried out with a full body scan. Her neck was broken with a part of her spine protruding and there were fractures all over her body consistent with domestic violence. This isn't the first time it's happened and I'm so shocked that the mother instead of standing up for the truth is lying because of the shame. Dr Thomas will forever be missed she was a dedicated and fantastic teacher, one of the best amongst equals. LUTH is still in shock!"

Is there some form of cover up going on because the deceased and her husband are both senior members of the medical association?

Other reports say the government will only accept the first autopsy which stated that the deceased committed suicide, was not a victim of  domestic violence nor had any visible lacerations on her body.  There are demands for a second independent autopsy to be carried out on the deceased doctor to determine the true cause of her death,

The Lagos state police command and the relevant authorities should look into this case - leaving no stone unturned.  The truth is all we want.

  • Were there lacerations consistent with Domestic violence on the victims body?
  • Did she commit suicide as alleged and was her body devoid of any lacerations?
  • Was she undergoing treatment for psychosis?  
  • Did the treatment she was undergoing cause her to take her life?
  • Did she truly jump off the second floor of their home?
  • An autopsy will determine if the injuries are consistent with a fall or as a result of domestic violence.

Is this another case of "ADENIKE AROWOLO" repeating itself?  Adenike's husband alleged that his wife took her life in a bid to implicate him for murder.  

The truth is all we want!

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