Friday, October 23, 2015

Youth Killed and Dumped Inside Waste Dustbin In Calabar (Warning - Graphic Pictures)

Ephrain was 25 years old - vibrant and full of energy.  On Sunday 18th October 2015, he decided to go and spend the night at his girlfriend's home in Edibe Edibe Road, Calabar South.  That was the last anyone heard of or saw Ephraim.

On Monday morning - 19th October 2015, his lifeless body was recovered from a waste dustbin at Mbukpa Road, Calabar South - a close proximity from his original destination.  What could have happened to Ephraim?  Did you see anything?  Now is the time to speak up!

Speak up and help the police investigate Ephraim's death!  Pictutes after the cut.

Ephraim's lifeless body

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