Sunday, November 08, 2015

Beyond Blood Premieres At Hollywood Weekly Film Festival

"Beyond Blood" a Greg Odutayo Film is a collaboration between Royal Roots Nigeria and The Script Company UK.  The movie tells a stoy about Moji (Kehinde Bankole), a young Oxford educated woman with a passion for social justice and equality.  Her privileged background contrasts sharply with the desperate conditions of the prostitutes, drug addicts and their children she cares for at "The Mansion" a centre she funds privately much to the disapproval of some in her social circle including her family.

Director Greg Odutayo

"Beyond Blood" is a story of discovery.  The central character Moji is faced with a series of situations far beyond her control.  Rather than confront the situation, she decides to run away to London in the hope that her search for her brother will result in her discovering him and herself.  She meets "Akin" (Joseph Benjamin) in London who offers to help her find her brother and encourages her to stand up and fight for her beliefs.  She does and realizes that Akin himself is one of the issues she has to confront and deal with.

"Beyond Blood" is shot in Lagos, Nigeria and London UK in English, Pidgin, French and Yoruba and chronicles the ills in society and the world - drug addiction, prostitution, AIDS, homosexuality,people trafficking and a culture that legitimises tyranny and injustice especially of women trapped in the vagrancies of culture and tradition.

"Beyond Blood" is a story of love, betrayal, hope and a desire to make a positive change in society irrespective of personal trials and tribulations.  The movie is expected to be screened in Nigerian cinemas in December 2015.

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