Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Calabar Carnival Dry Run In Pictures

The city of Calabar was agog with excitement on Saturday 14th November 2015 when the first  dry run of the Carnival Calabar took place.  The dry run was flagged off by the Deputy Governor Prof. Ivara Esu who represented the  Cross River State governor, Senator Ben Ayade.

It was a 'practice run' which showcased a display of the latest dance steps by the 5 carnival bands in readiness for the big event in December 2015.  The government promised that the 2015 event will be glamorous, excellent with international presence from different countries.

Rihanna is one of the artistes expected to take part in the 2015 edition of the carnival.  The Flamingo Carnival Group from Spain, Trailers of Italy and Leo of  France are also expected to be part of the carnival.  Bikers from the Bikers Circuit of South-South Nigeria are also expected to feature at the Carnival.  The dry run started at the Millennium Park, took revellers through Mary Slessor, Ndidem Usang Iso, MCC and terminated at the Murtala Muhammed Highway.

Prof Esu flagging off the dry run

Mr Gabe Onah speaking to newsmen at the dry run

The Chairman of Cross River State Carnival Commission, Mr Gabe Onah, announced the state was ready to host the world and stated: “The dry run is to formally announce to the world that we are ready to host the world, this time in a grand style because we are bringing a lot of innovations to spice up the annual event.”

Prof Esu flagging off the dry run

 The next dry run takes place on 28th November 2015.  
Get more info from the Calabar Carnival Website.

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  1. Wow! RihaNNa?! **Drops on Knees.. god of Money! Please Gozie me with Ezigbo te Ego so i can go to this ghen ghen Carnival soon eh! Omo! Oshey! baDdest! Its defo gonna be TurnT oh :) Cross River Government shaa.. Always Friggiong on point.. Inshort on Fleek sef :) Plus Calabar gehs can ffffiiinnneeeee :)


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