Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Lawyer Punctures Sisters Eye Blinding Her In Fight Over Their Father's Estate

This is a case of siblings injustice to each other arising from a squabble over who would or not not stay in their late father's property.  Why would siblings attack each other with such animosity and venom?

Injured Ifeoluwa Oluwaloseyitan (Nee Alalade)
Barrister Olusegun Alalade and Babasanjo Alalade are siblings and the elder children of  Late Chief Daniel Okunola Alalade.  They are the administrators of their late father's estate.  Ifeoluwa, Tunde and Kolawale are their younger siblings who suspected that the elder siblings were attempting to sell their father's 3 acre estate at Ladipo Oluwole Avennue, Off Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja Lagos.

Siblings fighting over their father's estate

The younger siblings accuse the elder siblings of administering their father's estate since 2008 without giving them any share or part of the monies received on behalf of the estate.  The facts are that a tenant had moved out of one of the flats in the property and the younger siblings decided to goo and renovate the empty flat so Kolawole could move in and also inadvertently forestall any attempt by their elder siblings to sell the property.

Babasanjo and Olusegun with their weapons
The renovation was ongoing on Sunday 1st November when the mayhem started.  Olusegun and Babasanjo arrived the estate with thugs and proceeded to attack everyone stating that they had entered the property without their permission.  Olusegun attacked Ifeoluwa who was sitting outside the building with a plank blinding her permanently in one eye and fracturing her cranium and eye sockets.   Ifeoluwa's husband Pastor Abraham Oluwaloseyitan was also attacked with a machete and had matchete cuts on his body.
Pastor Abraham

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