Monday, November 16, 2015

Nollywood Actress Oge Okoye Turns 35 Today!!

Happy Birthday Oge!!
Oge Okoye
The birthday girl took to Instagram to share her joy at reaching 35.....

Yeahhhh! Hip!Hip!Hip!Hurray! 
t's my bday today and what can I say unto the Lord!  
All I want to say is THANK YOU LORD.  
I wish myself strength and wisdom for days to come and success with everything that I do today. 
I wish myself continuous happiness till the older years of my life,to see my children children.
I wish myself many more years of joy,love,laughter,good health and prosperity.

I am as young as my faith,
As old as my doubt,
I am as young as my self confidence,
As old as my fear,
I am as young as my hope,
As old as my despair, 
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  1. AyAm as young as my Faith and as Old as my Doubt! Hmmmnn.. Eez not a Joking sturvzz eh! That was deep shi.. Happy Birthday in Arrears to the Sexy Oge Okoye.. Heavens Blessings I pray her!


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