Friday, November 13, 2015

Obi Emenloye Churns out "OXFORD GARDENS"

Obi doing his thing.....

Ngoli and Ngozi (Julius and Munachi)

Award winning Nollywood Director - Obi Emelonye returns with OXFORD GARDENS, an inspiring love story wrapped in boxing gloves...... Enjoy the trailer below


JULIUS is a broken, down-­‐on-­‐his-­‐luck ex-­‐boxer, in search of redemption. MUNACHI is a pretty, bubbly young girl with a dark secret.  Their chance meeting on a park bench in Oxford Gardens one summer afternoon sets in motion an unlikely friendship and an uplifting journey through their respective fears; and through hope, faith and love; to a stoic acceptance of whatever life throws at them.

Stars Ngoli Okafor, (2 time Golden Gloves, Heavyweight champion, top model and Hollywood Actor) Ngozi Thompson Igwebike, Savanah Roy and Obi's daughter D'Richy Obi-Emelonye.

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