Thursday, November 19, 2015

Snake Amongst Shadows: Book Signing Event In Pictures

Snake Against Shadows Merchandise

Author Chima Ezechukwu

The "Snake Amongst Shadows" book signing event place at CLR James Library, E8.  The evening started with a brief history on the life, value and work of CLR James which was presented by Editor Sam Amalemba.

A question and answer session with the audience then followed with both the audience and the author picking each other's brains.  There was healthy banter about the adventures of the Expendable Private Investigator (P.I.) Logan.  The evening ended with the author signing copies of his book at the event.

Editor and Compere - Sam Amalemba

Sam talking about the life and ideals of CLR James

Author Chima and Editor Sam Amalemba

Cross Section of Guests

Cross Section of Guests

Publisher Michael


  1. Brilliant piece once again from Cabar Gal! A good - nay! - GREAT evening in the company of the Expendible P I - Snake Amongst Shadows - by C. I. Ezechukwu! Thank you for your presence, it made all the difference. Remain blessed!

  2. Nice one! Would love to read the book

    1. Hi Carina,

      It is available on Amazon...... Or directly from the Author at


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