Monday, November 30, 2015

The Sugabelly Saga

Sugabelly's work
It all kicked off when Blogger and Illustrator Sugabelly rejoiced over former Kogi State Governor Prince Abubakar Audu's death.  She practically did a song and dance and announced she was off to cook 'party jollof rice'.  Many on twitter shut her down but it took the intervention of her friend who released a series of direct messages (dm) between them (himself and Sugabelly) revealing that Sugabelly had been raped by a couple of Prince Abubakar Audu's sons.

Sugabelly's illustration

Sugabelly was 17 and he was 25.  was an intern in the office where he worked at the time.  She had a massive crush on him and blogged about him at the time.  They had sex, she was infatuated with him and then, he decided to 'share'.  Thus the tale of threesomes, foursomes, fivesomes, 'get rid of his virginity scenario', him deciding who she should sleep with, rape and lots more began and continued for a period of time.  

Mustapha Audu (in red) pictured with SIGNAL (publisher)

There are so many pertinent issues that arise from this issue:

  • Did the events alleged by Sugarbelly take place
  • If the events did take place, was Sugabelly a minor at the time?  Was Sugarbelly (a minor) capable of giving valid consent to the events that took place?
  • Was Sugabelly groomed by the accused and his friends?
  • Is Sugabelly a lady scorned in love and out to get revenge?
  • Is Sugabelly seeking for fame and fortune as alleged by those she accuses?
There are always three sides to every story - her side, his side and the truth.  We have to search for the truth.  Sex scandals have brought down the high and mighty as pushed the lowly even further.  In civilised countries, serious allegations such as these are always addressed and not swept under the carpet. The Saville case is a perfect example.  A crime is a crime which should be investigated!

I want to believe Nigeria is a civilised country.  This is a call to the Nigerian Police to set up an inquiry into the allegations and events surrounding this issue.  Operation Yewtree set a precedent - it is never too late to set up an inquiry.  The law is put in place to protect the vulnerable.  Don't bury your head under the carpet.  Put a stop to this or men (old and young) and women (both old and young) will feel this kind of behaviour is right.

I will take a stand on this and not stay on the sidelines.  A 17 year old is a minor.  To 'share' her with your friends and siblings is an unfathomable and incomprehensible act!  It looks like she was groomed to serve her 'alleged' rapists and whoever he pleased.  It takes an extremely brave lady to waive her anonymity and come out and share her story.  There are so many other rape and grooming stories out there that have not seen the light of day.  Talking about rape is a taboo in society and this should not be the case.  No rapist should get away with rape.

No more silence!  This is the time to take a stand and tell your story.  This is the time for the executive arm to get up from the sidelines.  This is the time for the legislative arm to sit up and take a stand.  Rape and Grooming is very wrong! Even worse when the subject (of the rape and grooming) is a minor.  This could have happened to anyone - a male or female child.  We should should this as an antecedent to put in place measures to stamp out rape, stamp out grooming, get justice for those who are subject to rape and grooming and protect the next generation.

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  1. na wa.... the whole ish eh...even tho she was a minor... it started as consensual and then progressed to what she couldn't contain... welll,ido hope she gets the justice she deserves


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