Monday, November 23, 2015

Thought Of The Day

Uwakwe-mangse Hanna said:

Exactly 8 months and 15 days ago, Buhari tweeted this on his Twitter handle.

His psychopathic followers jumped on Facebook to insult GEJ now as am speaking to you they are silent.

It's either they are ashamed or dead, or have no light to charge their phones, iPads and computers, whichever way I pray they've learnt their lessons.

Do you agree with Hanna?


  1. I totally agree with Hanna.. These are not great times for our country #PropagandaBasedAdministration. Where are all the sycophants chanting Sai Baba! let them come out now. It is just sad. You dont wanna be here at this time Calabar geh toh sure.. In Nigeria I mean.. There is no Power, no Fuel.. and more or less no hope.

  2. And he's even petroleum minister. How the tables turn


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