Sunday, November 08, 2015

Travelling Via Calabar-Itu Highway? You need A Canoe! For Real!

Pictures they say do not lie! If you are planning on heading to any part of Nigeria via Calabar Itu highway which is a federal highway, you definitely need a canoe to travel down the highway!

That was the dilema passengers found themselves this weekend.  The highway has been submered by water just after Itu bridge axis.  Passengers getting to the bridge are at a dilema whether to turn back or not.  Passenger Clement Ese narrated his ordeal as follows. "You see,  when you get there, you have several options:

  • Return to where you came from;
  • Wait hours to see if the water would hopefully recede; or
  • Cross over to the other side of the highway in a canoe."

Traffic to the water submereged hotspot is approachable only by motorcycles popularly referred to as "Okada".  The submered part of the highway is about 2km long.  When you eventually make it accross to the other side, there is another Okada ride of about 10km to the nearest transport park as all the vehicles coming from either Calabar or Uyo had turned back due to the impassable state of the highway.  OF course passengers are taking selfies with the water as a keepsake of their horrible and gory ordeal.

Forget to take a Selfie?  No Way!!

The federal government should please do something fast to make the federal highway motorable once again!  Sai Buhari!!

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