Thursday, December 31, 2015

Bill Cosby Charged For Sexual Assault

Bill Cosby

Cosby arriving Court flanked by his attorney

It is no longer news that loved actor and comedian - Bill Cosby has been accused by severally women of sexually assaulting them.  The 78 year old was charged at a Pennsylvannia court for sexually assaulting one of the women - Andrea Constand who accused him of sexual assault.  Andrea has waived her right to annonymity.  He has been released on bill and the case adjourned to January 2016.

I dont know what to believe anymore.  I love Bill Cosby with all my heart and loved The Cosby Show.  These women have corroborated each other's stories.  Surely this cannot be a conspiracy against him?  I am keeping an open mind though.  Oh Bill!! 

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