Thursday, December 10, 2015

BBC Interviews Ofonime Sunday Etuk Who was Kept As A Slave For 24 Years

Dr Emmanuel Edet and his wife Antan Edet brought Ofonime Sunday Etuk to the UK 24 years ago as their 'son'.  Once he arrived in the UK, he was made to serve them as houseboy at their Ealing home and denied an education.

This is a case of man's inhumanity to man.  I believe the Edet's had biological children of their own who were going to school.  Ofonime was brought into the country with a passport.  Why was he not allowed to go to school at a time when education was basically free?

The BBC interviewed Ofonime Sunday Etuk - HERE.

The Edet's Living Room

Ofonime's belongings

Why did they deny him an education when their own children were being educated?  Only the Edets can answer that question.


  1. What a sad world we live in. Unfortunately, modern day slavery is still ongoing and cases like this one only highlights the fact.

    1. It is horrible and exists in various forms in our very own country. Man's inhumanity to his/her fellow man....


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