Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Looters Invade Homes Abandoned In Wake Of Storm Frank

Police in York have condemned thieves who looted homes submerged in dirty water. North Yorkshire Police's Acting Superintendent Mark Grange said: 

"It is extremely disappointing to see victims of the floods being targeted in this way.  "It is impossible to comprehend why anyone would want to bring further suffering to those who are already in a very vulnerable situation."

The Environment Agency had earlier warned of the potential for further significant flooding, especially in Cumbria, while floods minister Rory Stewart said a potentially "very bad situation" lay ahead.  In many areas the ground is still saturated from previous downpours and river levels remain at record highs.  Waters are receding, but across the North, more than 6,700 homes have flooded in the past week.  

How cruel and heartless can people be?

Culled from Daily Mirror

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