Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Medical Doctor and Wife Jailed for 6 Years For Keeping 'HouseBoy' As Slave For 24 Years

Emmanuel and Antan Edet
A trained medical doctor - Emmanuel Edet and his wife Antan Edet, who was a nurse at Ealing Hospital, have been given six-year sentences after they kept a man as a slave ("houseboy") in their Perivale (West London) home.  

The couple were found guilty by a jury of cruelty to a child under 16, servitude and assisting unlawful immigration. They remained impassive as they were sentenced.  The couple were each jailed for three years for child cruelty and ill treating a young person, six for holding him in servitude and one for assisting unlawful immigration, all to run concurrently. 

The 'houseboy' - Ofonime Sunday Inuk, who was 14 when he was brought to the UK, now aged 40, worked up to 17 hours a day unpaid.  He cared for the couple's children, and also cooked and cleaned the house.

Dr Edet (61) and his wife Antan Edet (58)

While sentencing the couple at Harrow Court on Monday 7th December 2015, the judge who heard the case - Judge Arran told the Edets:

"The most serious aspect of your behaviour towards him was that it went on for an exceptionally long period of time, robbing him of the opportunity of leading a normal life.  "He has found it difficult to adjust."

Although their mistreatment of Ofonime Sunday Inuk spanned 24 years, servitude only became an offence under the Coroners and Justice Act 2009, so they were convicted and sentenced for their actions only between 2010 and 2013. However, the judge said he considered the total length of time Inuk suffered as an aggravating feature.

The hallway cupboard where Ofonime slept

Ofonime Inuk slept in the hallway of the couple's Perivale home.  He was led to believe he would be working as a paid 'houseboy' and would receive an education while in the UK.  The promised education did not happen during the 24 years he lived with the Edets.  

The Edet's Sitting Room in Perivale
Ofonime Inuk eventually managed to alert a charity to his plight after the couple went to Nigeria for Christmas in 2013, and they were arrested in March 2014.

Emmanuel Edet worked for Surrey County Council as a manager in the teenage pregnancy strategy team, and was the author of published papers on the subject.  His wife - Antan Edet was a senior nurse at Ealing Hospital.  The couple each served 287 days on bail with curfew conditions, and half that time will be subtracted from their six-year sentences.

Culled from BBC and Guardian

Why didn't this couple ensure he had an education? Education was free when they brought him to the UK as their 'son'.  He had a passport at the time before it expired.  Why? Why did they not send him to get an education alongside their biological children?


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