Saturday, December 12, 2015

Python Caught On A Hammersmith, London Street.....

Naija Mom dropped a comment on Reuben Abati's Lion article and asked why tranquilizers were not used on a lion which escaped from a zoo in Jos, Nigeria.  In my mind, I was like tranquilizers ke?  That is 'meat' for a lot of people we are talking about.  Food aside, my people's mind would be 'safety first' and tranquilizers later.  It made me cast my mind to some news I had heard earlier on that day.
Ebenezer Monty
I heard on the news that a python had been caught found on a street in Hammersmith and handed over to the RSPCA who were taking care of it.  My sub conscious went "Those people who found the python must have been extremely brave."  Imagine coming face to face with a python on the street.  My first instinct would have been to run.......  But no, they did not run, they called the police who came and got the python to safety.

I thought to myself - how long did it take between the time the python was discovered and the time it python was taken to safety? Was it wriggling around on the street?  Who was the brave person who caught and held him down until the police and the RSPCA arrived?

I hear he is a baby python and has been christened "Ebenezer Monty Python"  (after a comedy group 'Monty Python' that were extremely popular in the 70's and 80's).  Good luck with your new life Ebenezer!  It is a good thing you were not wriggling around on the streets of Africa.  The African survival instinct would have kicked in and baby or not, you would have most certainly found yourself either in heaven or in a ingredient filled crockpot.


  1. Wonders shall shaaa Never end in this life oh! So they even named the snake on top sef?! Ah! If eezzz in MY! Nigeria! na Winch be that oh! I kukuma trust my people.. they will gather with clubs and stones.. last last all that will be left of the Snake will be a Story of how "THEY SENT snake to kill somneboRRy.." Smh.. My country my country... In other news.. why am i surprised biko?! Oyibo snake eez Different from Nigeria snake na.. The I.Q level vary :) How are you Bubba?!

    1. LOL @ d IQ level is different. Ebenezer definitely would not have survived being found slithering on a street in Naija.


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