Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Sosoliso Plane Crash: Remembering Pastor Bimbo and Others Who Perished In The Crash

It was a great shock 10 years ago when the nation woke up to the news that a Sosoliso Airline plane from Abuja to Port Harcourt had crashed.  
There was only one survivor.

Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, Founder, Fountain of Life Church took to social media to pay a tribute to his late wife Pastor Bimbo who was one of those who did not survive the aftermath of the crash:

"It is exactly ten years since the grim incident that led to the passing of my late wife, ‘Bimbo Odukoya. Yet, as I look through the years, I am awash with feelings of gratitude. God, in His character, has been faithful. I am particularly grateful for the life that ‘Bimbo lived and the legacies she left behind.
It is incredible that ten years after her passing, her teachings continue to impact families, and the initiatives she drove while with us, are still here, touching the nations. Indeed, only God could have chosen an eager teenage girl and built her into a woman of international repute, to His glory alone. 
Only God could have given such a unique assignment and given the grace to run with it. And only God could have determined when the curtains were drawn. If there is therefore any lesson we must consciously strive to remember, it is that there is a divine calling and assignment on every life God created. 
As we celebrate ‘Bimbo today, let us stop to ask ourselves: ‘am I truly in the place of my assignment? am I living the life God intended?’ This should drive your life’s philosophy as it did hers. The world will celebrate your influence in Jesus name”. May her soul continue to rest in peace Amen."


  1. May Her Gentle soul continue to Rest in the perfect peace of our Lord GOD, in JESUS mighty name... Amen.

    "it is that there is a divine calling and assignment on every life God created" This line is so true and apt.. Well said sir.

    1. I loved Pastor Bimbo's Single and Married ministry. USed to buy her tapes and even cajoled my cousin to take me to her church in Illupeju one time like that when I was visiting Lagos just so I could see the lady herself in real life.... *sigh*


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