Sunday, December 13, 2015

Would You Help An Accident Victim?

Remember Ilsa Aida's story about helping an accident victim on Third Mainland Bridge, Jerry Isichei was at Gbagada General Hospital when the victim arrived at the hospital in the ambulance.  Read his narrative of the events that occurred below:

"I was at the Gbagada General Hospital casualty unit this evening when the hospital ambulance, accompanied by two policemen in one of these new police cars, brought in a young man wriggling in severe pain.

His hand appeared broken, his face battered. Some nurses and orderlies rushed to the ambulance and requested to see the man's people, when the police said they picked the man on the road, all the hospital staff just left the ambulance as quickly as they came.

Even when a doctor came out, he explained casually that without the man's relative they can not do anything. Adding that they need to be sure of who is picking up the bills. I simply could not believe my ears. This coming from someone who is trained to save lives!

When I confronted him with this fact, he simply hissed and worked away. I took another look at the man in the ambulance, it was obvious his life was ebbing away fast. I couldn't stand such brazing callousness any longer! I started screaming at them to do sometime to ensure the man does not die. Other people who had family members in the casualty joined in the crusade. Someone eventually called the Medical Director.

The MD after making some calls ordered his heartless staff to give the man first aid. I pray the young man survives this ordeal. Certainly, a Nigerian life has to have greater value."

We need to change our mentality regarding helping accident victims in Nigeria.  Change starts within - it starts from us!.  

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