Sunday, December 13, 2015

Would You Stop To Help An Accident Victim?

If you saw an accident victim, your first reaction would be to stop and render some form of first aid abi?  And then try and get the victim to a hospital?  Well, Ilsa Aida found out the hard way that things dont always work out that way in Lagos.  Read all about her experience which took place on Tuesday 8th December 2015 below:

Ilsa Aida
In the last 1 hour, I have cried more than I have in ages.

My baby brother and I were/are on our way to Redemption Camp for the Holy Ghost Congress when we encountered a bit of traffic on the 3rd Mainland Bridge.
I thought it strange considering the time but hey...

We then happened upon a man who we thought was dead in the middle of the road but as our car drove by, I noticed he was still breathing. We stopped immediately. Another vehicle stopped too.

There was no question about lifting the guy because we would have ended up in prison and charged with hit and run.

My brother trekked on Third Mainland Bridge to try to find an ambulance while myself and the other guy that stopped called the contact numbers of the police.

At this time, I was directing the traffic on 3rd Mainland Bridge away from the body of the guy in the middle of the road till he was moved to the pavement.

4 Military men passed on "Okadas" and said "Eeeyah" and moved on.

The police passed by with sirens and shook their heads. They didn't stop.

A LASTMA official on a bike stopped. He didn't have a vehicle so he called his bosses who told him "they" were not coming.
The LASTMA Official Who Stopped To Help
I was stunned.

Then came a policeman with the new vehicles given by Ambode and he called his bosses who instructed him not to carry the guy in the "new" car. It wasn't to be stained with blood.
The Police car that would not help
I broke down in tears at this point.

The reality was that the new police car was worth more than the Nigerian life.

This was my Nigeria. This was my Lagos.

We eventually stopped the ambulance of the Gbagada General Hospital and the driver agreed to carry the man, ONLY if the police escorted him.
The ambulance that came to the rescue
So I understand the following

1. I cannot help a citizen who is injured because I will end up in prison first while they determine that I am not responsible.

2. The Uniform is a joke in Nigeria. It has no respect for the Nigerian life if you do not have money.

3. The new vehicles are better than the Nigerian life. Don't have an accident near one.

4. I need to relocate to New Zealand.


As of right now, 10/12/2015 at 1.15pm, I was informed that Governor Akinwunmi Ambode had directed that the matter be investigated and the General Hospital to attend to all the medical needs of the victim. Yes the victim is still alive.

Read what happened when the accident victim arrived at the hospital HERE.

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