Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Body of Ex East Enders Actress Sian Blake Found In Her Back Garden

Police have launched a manhunt investigation for the boyfriend of ex Eastenders Actress Sian Blake who played 'Frankie' on the soap in the 90s.  Arthur Simpson-Kent (48) reported Sian (43) who suffers from Motor Neurone Disease and her two kids - Zachary 8 and Amon, 4.

Sian Blake as 'Frankie' in Eastenders

Arthur Simpson-Kent reported Sian missing on 16th December.  She had been seen last on 13th December 2015 when she went to visit her mother in Leyton, East London.  The police have not been able to get in touch with Mr Simpson-Kent since he made the report.

Simpson-Kent with Amon

Zachary and Amon

 A murder investigation has now been launched after the police discovered the bodies of Sian, Zachary and Amon buried in her back garden.  It is believed that Mr Simpson-Kent may have fled to Ghana.  Investigations continue including an investigation into why it took the police so long to search her home when they were unable to contact Mr Simpson-Kent. May her soul rest in peace.

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