Monday, January 04, 2016

Mexican Mayor Murdered Hours After Swearing In

Gisela Mota Ocampo

Gisela Mota Ocampo was sworn in as Mayor of Temixco on New Year's Day.  Temixco is a town 52 miles south of the mexican capital - Mexico City.  The industrial town is rife with problems associated with durgs, drug cartels and organised crime.  She had been a federal congresswoman before her swearing in and was a member of the leftist Democratic Revolution Party.  Temixco is In her speech during her campaign and swearing in to office, she declared her fight against organised crime would be frontal and direct.  A couple of hours later, she was dead. 

The armed attackers entered her house on Saturday morning - 2nd January 2016 while her family was present and killed her in the doorway, said Alberto Capella, Morelos state security commissioner, at a press briefing.  Police pursued and exchanged gunfire with the armed men, killing two of them, he said. Two adults and a juvenile were arrested and will be prosecuted. 


The Morelos state government issued a statement praising Mota Ocampo as "an honest and committed public servant" and calling the attack "a challenge that organized crime launched against the constitutional and democratic order."  

Morelos state is known for drug cartel activity. The congresswoman, who was in her early 30s, had promised to try to clean up Temixco, an industrial city where problems associated with drugs and organised crime are high.   Several years ago, a 14-year-old assassin for a drug cartel created international interest with his on-camera descriptions of killings he'd committed.  

May her soul rest in peace.  Such wickedness!

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