Wednesday, January 06, 2016

The Baby Mama Saga: Dele Momodu Replies Dr Ola Balogun

If you have not heard about the ongoing tussle between Davido and his baby mama Sophie Momodu then you have been under a rock.  It keeps getting messier day by day.  In the past 24 hours, veteran musician Dr Ola Balogun aired his thoughts on the ongoing drama HERE.  Davido then released a video calling out the Momodus HERE.
Dele Momodu and Baby Imade
Veteran Musician Dr Ola Balogun
Veteran journalist and Ovation publisher Dele Momodu has responded to Dr Ola Balogun's statement.  Read his response below:

Dele Momodu and Davido's Baby Mama Sophie Momodu
"It is disheartening that while many well-meaning Nigerians have stepped in to intervene in the face-off between music superstar Mr David Adeleke, aka Davido, and the mother of his baby Ms Sophia Momodu, my cousin, a senior citizen and film-maker, Dr Ola Balogun, has chosen to cast aspersions on me for reasons best known to both of us. In a well-circulated comment he made in newspapers and on social media, Wednesday January 6, 2016, Dr Balogun maliciously attacked Sophia and I without caring to find out what led to the present debacle.

I had the highest regards for Dr Balogun and had always responded to his calls and text messages to my London line most times. I wish to apologise to him publicly if I have not been able to attend to his certain demands but it is regrettable that he would retaliate through this vengeful manner. Though I bear the same title of Bashorun with my late mentor Chief Moshood Abiola, I'm just an ordinary journalist of very modest means. Let me assure Dr Balogun that elders like him have brokered peace between the families and by the grace of God we should have good news sooner than later.

Dr Balogun should please bury whatever animosity he has against me and join others in reconciling the families instead of pouring petrol into the conflagration..."

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